City of Harlingen Master Drainage Plan

The purpose of this project is to develop a master drainage plan to provide the City of Harlingen with sufficient, up-to-date, and accurate information to systematically plan and manage its draiange systems and provide a higher level flood protection to its citzens, communities, properties, and infrastructure investment. The plan will contain information on the existing drainage system conditions, location and extent of drainage problem areas, inadequate systems, proposed improvements, cost associated with the proposed improvements, priority of each improvement, recommended drainage policies and design criteria for future drainage improvement and land.

  • Delineated drainage basins and revised based on field visits and as built construction plans.

  • Performed existing conditions HEC-HMS modeling analysis.

  • Prepared GeoRAS processing for HEC-RAS model development.

  • Reviewed existing construction plans and determined field survey needs.

  • Performed GIS base mapping.

  • Coordinated with TWDB for grant application.

Any questions or comments regarding this project, please contact Mr. Ponciano Longoria, P.E., City Engineer, at 956-216-5290, or by email at